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Emergency Calls


  2019 2020 2021 2022
Progress 252,962 244,804 253,612 95,837
Goal 157,680 238,000 238,000 250,000

What are we tracking?

The City of Brandon operates the Provincial 911 Centre (E911) for all areas outside the City of Winnipeg. The data presented here is reflective of the number of 911 requests received from rural Manitoba combined with the number of phone calls E911 places to coordinate those events.



How are we measuring this?

Brandon's Provincial 911 Centre receives 911 requests from rural Manitoba and coordinates those requests with other provincial and municipal agencies such as ambulance, police, fire, and hydro. Using our IP-based call taking software, E911 tracks these phone trends using many data points. Our software allows us to pull out statistics, reported monthly, regarding incoming and outgoing 911-related phone calls.

What progress are we making?

Call takers are trained to ask a few brief questions to help determine which agency is required. E911's job is to connect the caller as quickly as possible to the appropriate/agency. Each 911 event requires multiple phone calls to coordinate. In addition to higher 911 usage with in existing 911-enabled communities, as additional communities in Manitoba subscribe to 911 service, the number of 911 requests continues to increase from year to year.

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