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Emergency Calls within Brandon


  2020 2021 2022 2023
Progress 22,025 23,822 21,081 19,520
Goal 19,400 19,400 22,000 22,000

What are we tracking?

Provincial 911 services are answered at the Brandon Public-Safety Communication Centre (BPCC) for all areas outside the City of Winnipeg.  Of the more than 160,000 requests for service 911 receives each year, a large portion of those come from our City. This data is reflective of the number of incoming 911 requests received from within Brandon.



How are we measuring this?

The Brandon Public-Safety Communication Centre tracks the volume of 911 calls placed from within the City of Brandon using our IP-based call taking software.  The software allows us to pull out statistics, reported monthly, regarding incoming and outgoing 911-related phone calls.

What progress are we making?

Call volumes continue to increase year-over-year.

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