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Fire & EMS Calls For Service

Fire & Emergency Services

  2021 2022 2023 2024
Progress 7,031 8,056 8,237 2,809
Goal 5,700 6,466 6,466 6,466

What are we tracking?

We track all calls that we respond to.  This includes Fire, EMS, and motor vehicle accident calls.



How are we measuring this?

All calls are tracked in our fire data management system.  From this information we generate reports which allows the tracking of call types, response times, call durations and staff deployment.  This information is reviewed on a monthly basis to monitor the Department's performance and to ensure that we are meeting our targets.

What progress are we making?

The purpose of tracking this information is to project future call volumes.  This allows us to anticipate the replacement time-lines of apparatus, gear and supplies.

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