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  2016 2017 2018 2019
Progress 1,020,764 963,081 999,062 1,138,124
Yearly Target 1,082,000 1,083,000 1,083,000 1,017,000

What are we tracking?

Transit is tracking the rides per month on each of our regular routes that operate throughout the City of Brandon. Passengers are counted by SMART media technology and cash fare collected on each bus.



How are we measuring this?

Ridership data is recorded daily by technology on each bus. It is then compiled into a report and analyzed monthly.

What progress are we making?

Transit increased total yearly rides in 2018 by 35,981. Transit continues to analyze ridership based on our updated network and will adjust routes as needed. Transit frequently monitors ridership to ensure an effective and efficient service. Using the farebox technology we can accurately track ridership trends which allows us to monitor revenue generated.

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