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Waste Wizard

The City of Brandon Waste Wizard is an online tool designed to provide a quick and easy way to determine how to dispose of common waste items properly.

It includes descriptions of available waste receptacles and the available depots or drop-off locations located throughout the City.

Waste Wizard site

Getting Started

    Waste Wizard search box
  1. Enter the name of the waste item you would like to dispose of in the “Where does _____ go?” search box.
    • As you type the name of the item, potential matches in the Waste Wizard database will appear in a list below the search box
    • Even if no list of potential matches appears click the “Search” button to do a full search against all items in the database

  2. Waste Wizard search results
  3. Items matching the search term are displayed in a table below the search box
    • For common household waste the results will show which cart the item should be placed in and when the cart should be set out for collection
    • Items not included with common household waste will indicate the depot at which they should be disposed
    • There may also be special instructions regarding the receptacle or drop-off location for the matching item

  4. Waste Wizard compost icon description
  5. If you would like more information about the receptacle or depot indicated in the search results, clicking the matching icon above the search box will show a detailed description.