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Development Charges Calculator

After more than two years spent consulting with the business community, residents and other stakeholders, the City of Brandon Council adopted a Development Charges By-law to assist in funding the infrastructure required for Brandon's future growth (link to by-law). The Development Charges By-law identifies established and emerging growth areas that have different infrastructure requirements and charges for residential (per dwelling unit) and commercial (per square foot) uses. The Development Charge calculator provides an estimate of development charges due for payment prior to the issuance of a building permit. For any questions on the Development Charges By-law, including charges due at the development agreement stage, and any reductions or exemptions please contact the Land Development Administrator at 204-729-2218.

Step 1: Enter address on the map

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Step 3: Fill in remaining form

Step 4: Press calculate and receive your estimated costs.


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Treatment Rate Units Charge
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