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Open Data API Documentation


The OpenData API is a web service that can be accessed through the following URL:

This query returns a list of all available datasets.


The "dataset" query variable can be set to return a list of all column names and data types for the selected dataset.
{{opendataURL}}?format=json&dataset={{ dataset }}

This query returns all the columns and their respective data types for the current dataset ({{ dataset }}).


To request data from a dataset the "columns" query variable can be set to any column name.

This query returns all data in the dataset (up to the default limit of 100 records).


The "values" variable can be set in addition to the "columns" variable to return all records where the column contains the specified value.

This query returns all records where the column {{apiColumn}} contains the value {{currData[0][apiColumn]}}.


To match a value exactly the "compare" query variable can be set to equal (by default it is set to contains).

This query returns the records where the column {{apiColumn}} matches the value {{currData[0][apiColumn]}} exactly.


The default data format is XML, but can be changed by setting the format query variable to "json" (as in all the example queries) to return JSON formatted data.


Query Variables and Values
dataset Any dataset listed by a default service query.
columns Any column(s) listed for a dataset by a dataset information query.
values Any value(s) of the correct data type for the column(s) being queried.
format xml, json, jsonp (Default: xml)
compare contains, equal, gt, lt, gte, lte (Default: contains)
limit Any number up to 1000 (Default: 100)


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