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Street Sweeping


This interactive map allows citizens to follow the progress of our street sweeping. Each spring streets and boulevards are swept to remove winter sand buildup and litter from our streets. The program runs approximately 6 to 8 weeks from mid-April to the end of May and removes up to 1000 sweeper loads of dirt and debris from city streets using over 500,000 gallons of water.


Getting Started

To get started, enter your address in the search box on the left side of screen and click Locate. After clicking Locate the matching address will be marked and highlighted on the map. The map will center on the address and an information popup will display the zone of the address, the current street sweeping status and any additional comments. Additionally, the zone of the address and current street sweeping status will appear under the search box.

Additional Features:

  • Rows in the list of Residential Zones on the left side can be clicked to highlight the zone on the map and display additional comments in an information popup.
  • The Clear Selection button will clear the search box (leaving just the placeholder example address) and any highlighted zones or addresses on the map.
  • The Legend tab indicates what status is represented by the the current color of a zone/section.
  • The Layers tab allows the user to show or hide the aerial photo and residential zone layers to reduce possible visual clutter.
  • The order of the zones reflects the estimated order of completion and is subject to change.